Wednesday, 27 March 2013

BPS News: Mindfulness in Schools is Discussed on Today

The British Psychological Society website posted a news item on 27th March 2013 titled: Mindfulness in Schools is Discussed on Today.

The article highlighted a discussion on the BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme with Professor Willem Kuyken from the University of Exeter regarding the use of mindfulness in schools in the UK:
"Mindfulness, said Professor Kuyken, is a form of mental training that teaches children to be aware of their feelings. He told John Humphrys that he is about to present the findings of a study that shows both boys and girls report improved well-being and lower levels of stress after undergoing nine-week mindfulness programme as part of the school curriculum.

Also appearing was Mary Speakman, head teacher at Altrincham Girls Grammar School, who said that mindfulness techniques had proved popular with her students and they would soon be used in other schools that formed part of the same group."
Here is the discussion:

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