Sunday, 30 June 2013

Financial Times News: The Shrink & The Sage: How mindful should we be?

On 28th June 2013, Financial Times online magazine published an article in their life&arts section titled: The Shrink & The Sage: How mindful should we be?

Here are some interesting quotes:
"Try as I might to play devil’s advocate, I can’t find the drawbacks to mindfulness. In fact, it can also have a host of other benefits. For instance, by learning to be more aware of the constant stream of impulses arising in our minds, and less identified with them, we can become better able to choose whether to act on them or not. When we’re mindful, our life can be more autonomous.
...slowing down to notice things rather than speeding past them makes for a much richer and more nuanced life experience. Try it.
I’ve heard a lot of mighty claims for mindfulness over recent years, setting off one of the most reliable thought alarms of all time: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But unless you’re an expert on what is being bigged up, how do you know where truth ends and hype begins."

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