Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Times News: Learn to do one thing at a time with ‘mindfulness’ meditation

On 5th November 2013, The Times published an article online in the Life section titled: Learn to do one thing at a time with ‘mindfulness’ meditation. The whole article was available to subscribers only, but it began as follows:
"The “feeling like a moron” factor ran high when Hannah Betts tried it but, she says, it generated a feeling of wellbeing 

Time was when the boundaries between high-fliers and hippies were as immovable as they were emphatic. Business people came up with ideas and made money; flaky types talked about feelings and hugged trees.

However, something is afoot within these two realms and it looks like a meeting of minds. This is occurring first and foremost in California, that state of place and being where formerly never the twain would meet. Today, however, the Golden State's two dominant communities - the geeks of Silicon Valley and the free spirits of Big Sur and beyond are speaking the same language ..."

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