Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Daily Mail: Always craving chocolate? MEDITATION could help

On 14th March 2014, The Daily Mail online published an article in the Health>Health home section titled: Always craving chocolate? MEDITATION could help: Study shows achieving 'a sense of detachment' reduces cravings.

Here are some key quotes:
"A study found that achieving 'a sense of detachment' through mindfulness mediation can reduce cravings.  The Canadian researchers say identifying and distancing oneself from certain thoughts - without judging them - weakens chocolate cravings among people with a sweet tooth.

‘There is now good evidence that mindfulness strategies generally work at managing food cravings, but we don't yet know what aspect of mindfulness and what mechanisms are responsible for these effects. This is what motivated this research,’ said lead study author Julien Lacaille, a psychologist at McGill University in Quebec.
‘They developed less intense cravings for chocolate because they now perceived it as generally less desirable,’ Mr Lacaille said.  ‘Something we can all take away from this study is that we are not our thoughts and that we can take control over our thoughts in a relatively short period,’ added Patrick Williams, a postdoctoral researcher and psychologist at the University of Chicago who not involved in the study, told Reuters Health."

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