Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Daily Mail: Take the stress out of family life

On 27th May 2014, The Daily Mail online newspaper published an article as part of a series in the Femail>Femail home section titled: Take the stress out of family life.

Here are some key quotes:
"...this major series shows you how you can conquer stress  using mindfulness...  Yesterday, we taught you ingenious ways to stay calm at work. Here, in part three, we reveal how mindfulness can  de-stress your family life, too...
Psychotherapist Padraig O’Morain, author of the new  book Mindfulness On The Go, says: ‘When it comes to parenting, mindfulness on the go is the gold standard. Maintaining an attitude of mindfulness is immensely valuable in dealing with the demands of parenting.’  The benefits can be huge, as O’Morain explains: ‘If your attention vanishes into the business of parenting, you stand a good chance of ending the day in a state of physical and mental exhaustion.  ‘However, if you remain mindful as much as you can, you could meet the same demands and end the day in much  better shape.'"

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